lost & found

by 28 degrees taurus

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A collection of singles released each month between 10/2016 to late 2018. Our 5th full length album.


released December 1, 2018

Jinsen Liu - guitar, vocals, bass, drum triggers
Ana Karina Dacosta - vocals

written, recorded, mixed, mastered by Jinsen Liu


all rights reserved



28 degrees taurus Boston, Massachusetts

If you don't know where to start in our discography we recommend the 3 albums/links on top tier first.

experimental, often dreamy music with a lot of eastern influences. alternately tuned guitars with dreamy vocals over them.

We're an ambient/psych/shoegaze rock/pop band from Boston. Formed in 2006.
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Track Name: hearts were made
tuning: DADAAE capo: 2nd fret

verse 1
turn off the lights
blow out the candles
I’m lost where I stood
There’s nothing you can say to keep me here
This love has been subdued

Summer days seem far away
Slowly nothing ever was new
Affection never waned we just over stayed
A song overplayed and lost

Hearts were made to be reborn and break
Hearts were made to be free and play
Don’t overstay it’s a part we forgot

Verse 2
Some cold rainy summer morning
When I stare out into the mist
The days are long as our own shadows
Whatever lead to this

Holidays seem far away
but idyllic nonetheless
pictures and scenes and country dreams
watching embers burn from afar

Track Name: 1000 strange trips
Intro verse
Back on the ranch where we used to call home
We used to go places we’d only know
We just kept running throughout our days
We knew at some point we’d have our say!

Verse 1
Desert scenes and desert dreams
Its open wide just like our times
Towns and people, stories weave
Just like a dream, like our own movie scene

good times are on my mind
a sweet surrender
fading out of time
towards the lazy sun we run (repeat chorus 3 times)

verse 2
lying down in the countryside
stars are everywhere mystery’s in the air
midnight shooting star light
your voice like a dream somewhere, love is in the air

Track Name: timeless scenes
Timeless Scenes
Tuning: Standard EADGBE capo: ?

Verse 1
Memories still warm
Like the air of that afternoon
In a garden back in time
I was missing you
Timeless scenes
Memories made of chance
Our pages and chapters turned
Went by in a glance

The years passed
divided by time and place
But the fire still burned
And would never fade away
(the years passed
Memories traces in red
The fire still burned
All the things we did and said)

Verse 2
So off I went
Years without you
My heart barely in tact
But you were still my muse
Was it fate or luck
Or just circumstance
We hoped for a lifetime
But wouldn’t be given the chance

Track Name: from part to part
Pre Verse
Come to watch and maybe come to play
Different stories and sounds we’ve come to share and make ( repeat 2 lines twice)

Lost souls along the way
Nothing is as they say
Let your desires drive you through this labyrinth
Denizens of hell
Strangers with stranger tales
All desires are fair game while we’re still here

All the ways that you see me
And all the things that could still be
All the parts fit so perfectly
From role to role and part to part…
Track Name: heartland express
Across the fields that we see
Land of heartbreak and dreams
The heartland express leads me right to you
For a while it seemed
Things were open and free
Good times are here for now
And something new

I could spend my whole life waiting for you
I miss you a ton
But I’ll see you again soon

It’ll be alright we got a lifetime
It’ll be alright that time will come again soon

Sometimes strangers we meet
When things are open and free
If things were different somehow we’d be too
It’s only a heartbeat away
We’re here for now for today
Before long it’s time to go
It’s too soon

Track Name: what you want
Verse 1
Sweet but not sticky
Strong but deceptive
Alien but strangely at home
Polarity electric
Fires dancing
Waters caressing
Comforting but thrilling
Not sure but still willing

One part chemistry
Two parts magick
If know what you want
With non-chalance you can have it

Verse 2
Complementary and magnetic
Forbidden and ecstatic
Like a dream follow the sound
Channel and express it
Expression be willing
Mirrors revealing
Patternless and engaging
Controlled and amazing

Track Name: coast to coast
Night falls… where are you
The night calls… maybe I’ll see you soon
From coast to coast
What I missed the most was the company
You just knew me
But we’re far away… wasn’t there to stay
There’ll be another time
And it’ll go like this…

Verse 1
Meet me by my coast side
Got you a ticket to fly
Across the telephone wires
We can go for a fast ride
I’ll be by your side… always by your side
Stay the night… Connect the dots
See the sites
Do whatever we like
On my way… It’ll be a surprise
You won’t believe your eyes
Just come to say hi

You know I can’t help but think
If we were closer we’d belong
You know I can’t help but dream
If we were closer we’d be charmed
You know I can’t help but think
If we were closer we’d belong together

Verse 2
Here we go… days are bright
Light up my nights
Night after night
We can hang by the beachside
Build a bonfire… and just hang all night
Or go crusin’ down the countryside
In straw hats… watching farms pass…
You can drive
I got shotgun
Our friends in the back
fast as a heart attack

Track Name: lost & found
Verse 1:

Forgotten memories lost and found
Estranged and wandering this lonely town
When nobody gives much of a second look
Times remembered gone by with you

Verse 2:

Dumpsters side streets alleyways
Never knowing where you’re gonna stay
Shelters and havens still can be found
Buried in the back of my mind is you


And I’m here on my own
Just trying to find a place to go
And I’m here on my own
Lost in the crowd but still alone


Verse 3:

Sometimes you just don’t wanna know
Other times theres just no place to go
Sometimes moments still can be found
Other times I could just hide from you


And I’m here on my own
Just trying to find a place to go
And I’m here on my own
Lost in the crowd but still alone
Track Name: together or apart
Its been awhile there’s so much between us
Something still binds us yet so much divides us
I couldn’t follow you this time it was me
And we lost each other and I didn’t mean that to be
And when it comes around and it comes apart

And I know things will still be fine together or apart (repeat)

I can see for a lifetime a mirror in your eyes
Weathered some storms but couldn’t make it through this time
Sometimes you couldn’t see me through my schemes
And we lost touch and I didn’t mean that to be
Sometimes we just need some time apart

But I know things will still be fine together or apart (repeat)

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